Take a Chomp Out of Anger Card Game


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Have fun playing a familiar game while teaching children important life skills! This game will help players learn to understand the feelings behind their anger and will help them to deal with anger in an appropriate way. Players learn a set of anger control skills which are outlined on a color foldout. Skills include ways of delaying a response in order to give time to think and problem solving skills that will enable players to achieve their goals without using aggression. The skills empower players to resolve angry feelings so that they can achieve healthier relationships with others. They practice applying the skills to realistic scenarios on the cards..

Based on the popular card game 21, players learn key skills while they try to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. These games use eight different “smart” sharks to deliver the skill sets in an effective way that middle schoolers can relate to. The scenario based cards represent the typical issues faced by middle school students on a daily basis. These games are a must have for middle-school aged children trying to deal with the demands of their peer group and challenges in school and after-school activities.

Each game comes in a sturdy box with a deck of 52 cards, facilitator’s guide, rules sheet, and a color foldout of the skills taught in the game.

Grades 5-8
2 Decks, 50 Cards each

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