Teambuilding with Teens

Teambuilding with Teens


Activities for Leadership, Decision Making, & Group Success. Includes Digital Content.

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Leadership isn’t just for a chosen few. All teens can practice the skills and attitudes leaders use. The 36 hands-on activities in this book make learning about leadership meaningful and fun while building character.

Kids are called on to recognize each other’s strengths, become better listeners, communicate clearly, identify their values, build trust, set goals, and more. Each activity takes 20 to 45 minutes, so adults have a lot of flexibility in deciding when and how to use them. This book can be used as a supplement to the author’s Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens or on its own.

Author: Mariam G MacGregor
Audience: Middle (6-8), High (9-12)
Grade Level: 6-12
Format: Paperback
Page Number: 192
ISBN: 9781575422657
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Release Date: November 15, 2007
Language: English
Product Type: Digital Link, Manual
Topic: Character, Group Counseling, Social & Life Skills