Bullies Are A Pain In The Brain


Bullies Are A Pain In The Brain


A Trevor Romain DVD

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When faced with issues such as death, divorce, bullying, fear and homework struggles, these great videos offer children concrete skills and ways to cope. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes, with 50 minutes of bonus features, including teacher/parent resource guides. Both English and Spanish are on each DVD. Close Captioned. Updated Versions.

Every kid runs into bullies, and our hero Jack is no exception. After being picked on, pushed around and threatened by Henry the Bully, Jack tries self-defense, insults and even disguises to stop the bullying – but nothing’s working. Finally, he comes up with a fail-safe solution – stay home from school forever! But, of course, Trevor and Jack’s friend Skye aren’t going to let him off so easy. From sketchbook to schoolyard, Trevor teaches Jack ways to handle a bully and the secrets for becoming bully-proof.

Author: Trevor Romain
Audience: Elementary (K-5)
Grade Level: 1-6
Format: DVD
Running Time: 30 minutes
ISBN: 9781934365069
Publisher: The Trevor Romain Company
Release Date: April 29, 2008
Language: English & Spanish
Product Type: Video
Topic: Bullying

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