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Releasing May 21, 2020


The counselor is not the strategy. The counselor teaches strategies.

As counselors, we spend our days helping kids. Kids come to us with a variety of problems, searching for answers. They want us to listen. And they need us to give them solutions for the issues they are facing.

While these solutions may work temporarily, we really never help kids until we give them tools—or techniques—to manage thoughts and feelings on their own. Our job is not to do it for them. Our job is to teach them how to do it themselves! This is the greatest gift we can give.

In 15-Minute Counseling Techniques, Allison Edwards provides tools to use in individual or group counseling sessions with children in grades K–12. Children will learn how to calm their mind and body with Square Breathing, let go of negative thoughts by Changing the Channel, identify their unique gifts by creating a “What I’m Good At” Jar, and so much more.

The techniques in this book will help children feel empowered to face everyday challenges and equipped to manage their stress and emotions. And, best of all, you will give them the confidence they need to handle challenges throughout their lives.


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Counseling books can be heavy and when you want an idea or a new technique, you really don’t have time to go through those heavy books–or they don’t even have what you’re looking for. What I really like and appreciate about this book is that you can open it up and find what you need. The ideas are easy to implement and the read through is quick. It’s definitely a great addition to add to my counseling toolbox.

Carol Miller
School Counselor, Facebook @middleschoolcounselor

As much as I would love to plan meticulously for every session, it happens that, unexpectedly things come up, or a child comes in dysregulated and upset, and you need to grab a “tool” in that moment. I thought that this book provided a great group of tools that can be used with and taught to my students. An easy and quick read, I think it would make a great gift for those new to the counseling role, or anyone who just needs a refreshment of tools.

Melissa Griffeth
School Psychologist, Instagram @thecalmingcornerschoolpsych

Meet the Author


Allison Edwards is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist who specializes in working with children, adolescents, and their families. She received her undergraduate degree in Education from Northwest Missouri State and a graduate degree in Counseling from Vanderbilt University.

Before opening a private practice, Allison developed and maintained a play therapy program for at-risk and immigrant children in the public school system. In her current practice, she sees children of all ages, consults with parents, supervises counselors, and writes about childhood anxiety. She also serves as an Affiliate Professor at Vanderbilt University where she enjoys teaching future counselors how to work with kids.

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