Your Roadmap for Creating a Positive Classroom Community

Written by AMIE DEAN

Release Date AUGUST 4, 2022


Wish you had a roadmap for building a positive classroom community and preventing behavior challenges?

In twenty-first-century classrooms, educators are expected to plan curriculum, teach the standards, learn and master ever-changing technology, manage schedules and behavior, oversee student work and grading, make connections, get to know students personally, and build positive relationships. And this is the short list, my friends.

To be able to accomplish so many goals with excellence takes an enormous amount of organization and planning. Amie Dean created this workbook to help with just that—organizing and planning your first weeks of the year to establish a positive classroom community while also providing tools to support and nurture your community all year long.

Your roadmap includes specific steps to:

  • Co-Creating a Positive Classroom Community in Four Weeks
  • Building Connections and Confidence
  • Prevention, Procedures, and a Positive Approach to Discipline
  • Goal-Setting and Monitoring
  • De-Escalation, Behavior Support, and Behavior Problem-Solving
  • Downloadable Resources, Including Many Templates You Can Personalize!

Full of activities and solutions, this workbook will aid you in supporting students in their development of life skills, peer relations, conflict resolution, and self-regulation skills. You will also find many behavior problem-solving ideas and tools to help you prevent and address challenges as they arise throughout the year!

This workbook dives deeper into Behavior Interventions: Strategies for Educators, Counselors, and Parents!


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I have been reading this fantastic Behavior Interventions Workbook & Manual by Amie Dean, which is part of the 15-minute focus series I already love. This one is definitely my favorite as it is beyond comprehensive and full of practical and useful intervention ideas and insights. As a Counselor, I have read a lot of Behavior books, and I mean a lot! This one really stands out to me as superior. As the author beautifully states “there is likely a barrier keeping children from being successful, and it is our opportunity as the adults who care for them to help them through it.” Can I get that in a poster for my next RTI meeting please? I mean perfection!

Ashley Amely
School Counselor

This new book is a wonderful resource to have at the beginning of the year! It is jam packed with activities and lessons to do with your students to help build your classroom environment and woe on social skills. The book is full ideas and templates for the activity. And what is even better is there is a link so you can download them and even get the posters in color! I am excited to use this book to help me set the tone in my classroom for the year.

Kathleen Grismore
Kindergarten Teacher

The Behavior Interventions Workbook and manual provide you with everything that you need to be prepared for the year ahead. The manual has been an amazing resource and has taught me so much about behavioral interventions! The workbook has provided me with classroom activities, posters, bulletin board ideas, calm down techniques, self-regulation activities, FBA guidance, and so much more to help create a positive classroom community. I adore this workbook so much!

Kristen Lipari
First Grade Teacher

Dean, Amie


Amie Dean, M.Ed., B.A. has worked in education since 1993. She has experience teaching at all levels, and has taught both special and general education. She was with Fulton County Schools (GA) for ten years, four of which she provided support to teachers and students as the Student Support/RTI Coordinator for her middle school. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and is Nationally Board Certified as an Exceptional Needs Specialist. With decades of experience as an educator and a professional consultant, Amie has worked with thousands of teachers, counselors and administrators in over 250 districts to improve best practices in behavior support, student engagement, and differentiated instruction. Amie has trained with Dr. Rick DuFour, Dr. Kay Burke, Dr. Spencer Kagan, Dr. Ruby Payne, and many others.”

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