Written by JULIA COOK

Release Date JANUARY 7, 2021


What happens when one little raindrop finds the courage to let go?

Way up in the sky, Hopp the raindrop is scared of change. Hopp loves playing with his friends, riding on clouds, and being happy with his safe, predictable life. But he soon learns that staying where he is limits the impact he can have on those around him.

“You have so many gifts to share with the world,
so many dreams to live.
Take a chance little man, let go of this cloud.
Discover the ways you can give.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Drop is a book for anyone who is at a transitional point in their life. From the kindergartener heading to school, to an adult nearing retirement, and everyone in between, this creative analogy provides all who read it with a positive perspective on change, taking risks, and giving back. There’s so much good that can happen when we step beyond our comfort zones and try something new!


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This whimsical and lighthearted “children’s” book promises readers of all ages some powerfully important messages about spreading one’s wings and expanding ones horizons. Most of all, it reinforces the fact that each of us has within us a valuable gift to share with the world.

Laura Jana, MD
Editor of the Bookshelf Department, Contemporary Pediatrics

I love everything Julia Cook writes, she has such talent in telling stories about social emotional issues while teaching lessons to parents and children. As a School Psychologist, I’ve read this book with preschoolers to 5th graders, and they have loved it. I’d recommend it to parents as well, who are looking to facilitate conversations about change.

Melissa Griffeth
School Psychologist, Instagram @thecalmingcornerschoolpsych

Hopp the raindrop is too worried to drop. It is something new and unfamiliar. This means change and he is afraid to leave the comfort of his home, family, and friends. Our students will be able to relate to Hopp’s feelings and many will be able to recall a time they felt the same way. I can imagine lots of different conversations where students are sharing their feelings about change and the ways they handled their fear and were successful. So many great teachable moments here for individual, small group or classroom counseling lessons!

Jennie Maddox
School Counselor

Meet the Author


JULIA COOK, M.S. is a national award winning children’s author, counselor and parenting expert. She has presented in thousands of schools across the country and abroad, regularly speaks at national education and counseling conferences, and has published children’s books on a wide range of character and social development topics. The goal behind Cook’s work is to actively involve young people in fun, memorable stories and teach them to become lifelong problem solvers. Inspiration for her books comes from working with children and carefully listening to counselors, parents, and teachers, in order to stay on top of needs in the classroom and at home. Cook has the innate ability to enter the worldview of a child through storybooks, giving children both the “what to say” and the “how to say it.”

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