How You Can Become a ROADBLOCK to Risk Factors

Written by DR. JOHN W. HODGE

Release Date JULY 7, 2022


Is it possible for one person to make a noticeable difference in the life of a child?

Through stories, research, and strategies, Dr. John W. Hodge shows how children can be successful despite the risk factors that typically hold them back. Children who overcome usually have one thing in common: the presence of educators, counselors, social workers, community advocates, and family members – people just like you – who can see beyond demographic and social limitations to the unlimited potential that lies within the hearts and minds of all children.

This book will clearly explain how the actions of caring adults have been the difference between success and failure for children like the ones you see in your schools every day. As you read, you will gain a fundamental understanding of how the resilience phenomenon works and gain insight into ways you can foster resilience in students.

You’ll Learn About:

  • School Accountability and the Achievement Gap
  • The Role of Resilience in Overcoming Obstacles
  • Positive Actions that Can Reduce the Impact of Adversity
  • The Long-Term Power of Relationships
  • Developing a Collaborative Action Plan

The evidence is overwhelming that one person’s willingness to act can enhance resilience in children to such an extent that they overcome obstacles and eventually thrive. That one person just might be YOU.


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Dr. John W. Hodge is president and cofounder of Urban Learning and Leadership Center (ULLC), an organization focused on student achievement and reduction of the achievement gap. He served as Director of An Achievable Dream Academy, a high performing, high poverty inner city school that piloted many of the interventions used by Urban Learning and Leadership Center. Prior to his career in education, Dr. Hodge distinguished himself in the service of our country with the 7th Infantry Division of the United States Army. Along with his work at ULLC, Hodge is inspirational speaker at national, regional, and statewide conferences across the United States.”

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