How Helping Others Helps You, Too

Written by AMIE DEAN
Illustrated by SUSAN KEETER


A Story from the Heart…

In Your Happy Heart, fifth-grader Javon has the big responsibility of being a Book Buddy to a kindergartner named Richard. But when he meets Richard for the first time, he isn’t so sure he’s up for the challenge. Richard won’t talk to Javon or even look at him. He seems sad, but Javon quickly realizes that Richard reminds him a whole lot of himself at that age, and Javon is determined to help his new friend.

Both boys learn a lot that year, but what Javon learns from Richard is the most important lesson of all: that helping someone find their happiness can make your own heart happy, too. 

Children need to be taught they have unique gifts they can be proud of and that make them special. They need to know how to cope when the world feels like a big, scary place, and they need to be reminded of the things that make them happy so when they are sad, they can remember those things. With these tools in their tool belts, children can grow in self-confidence and learn to thrive in their world. 


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Want to dive deeper?

Check out the Your Happy Heart Resource Bundle that allows you to take the explore the lessons taught in the picture book further. The downloadable Resource Bundle includes::

  • Build Community and Confidence Four Week Planning Guide
  • Book Discussion Questions
  • What Are My Gifts Worksheet
  • Going to Alaska Worksheet
  • My Happy Heart Worksheet
  • Helping Hearts are Happy Hearts Worksheet
  • My Emotions Map Worksheet
  • How am I Smart? Worksheet
  • Our Community Worksheet
  • What I Like About Me Worksheet
  • My Goals Worksheet

Dean, AmieMeet the Author


AMIE DEAN‘s personal mantra is: Teach Hard. Love Harder.

She has supported students with academic, behavioral, and emotional challenges for over 25 years as a teacher, behavior interventionist, and consultant.  Amie’s mission has always been to help children recognize their gifts, know their worth, and find their passion.  She knows that  children often need a champion to help with those endeavors.  Amie has found great joy in helping educators all over the country become true champions for their students.

Amie resides in Roswell, GA with her husband and three sons – the source of her own happy heart.  Becoming an author has always been a dream, so she is thrilled to share her debut book, Your Happy Heart, with you. Connect with Amie at

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