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We have a new book coming out next year and would love your feedback on the cover. Here is what the book is about:

I Can Say No teaches kids the power of the word “no.” Whether it’s saying no to bullying or someone invading their personal space or simply to playing with a friend when they need some alone time, kids learn that they can use their voice to stand up for what is good in the world, and good for themselves.

I learned a little word,
And even though it’s small,
When I use it with authority,
I’m the strongest of them all. . .


That’s right. I can say NO.

 I can say no to a movie I don’t like.
I can say no if I’m not into riding bikes.
I can say no if I want to be alone,
If I don’t want to go to a party and would rather stay home.

 As parents and educators, we often teach kids to use the word “no” when they are in danger or when someone is trying to harm them, but learning how to say NO is powerful in other areas of life as well. Learning to say “no” without feeling guilty or needing to explain themselves, gives children the power to protect their boundaries, energy, convictions, and time. Teaching children to say “no” allows them to create space for saying yes to the things that matter most. This one little word makes them mighty! It helps them grow and discover who they are and what they truly believe in!

Below are initial sketches for four cover designs. Please choose the One cover you like best, and tell us why.

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