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Later this year, NCYI will be launching a new series and we value your thoughts on the cover and approach for the content.

Working alongside experts in various fields of mental health, NCYI is developing a series of 30-50 page books that hone in on a specific mental health topic, signs to look for, practical intervention and classroom management strategies, and effective ways to communicate and collaborate with internal staff, outside referrals, and student families.

The goal of the series is to provide accessible text that explains the various issues and disorders with a balance of simplicity and clinical depth. This time-saving resource will offer school counselors and educators strategies for helping students succeed in school and in life.

Below are four cover designs. Please choose the One cover you like best, and tell us why. And, if there are specific mental health topics you want included, please note those in your response.

Thank you for taking a moment to provide your feedback! We strive to create resources that help You help kids!

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