Karen Kettle

Kettle, Karen-Web

Karen Kettle is passionate about the power of student-led leadership programs. Throughout her career with the Durham District School Board, Karen has been a high school science teacher, a consultant, an international presenter, an author, and a course director for the York University Faculty of Education. She has worked beside talented student leaders and dedicated […]

Lynsy Oswald

Lynsy Oswald is a Principal for the Moline-Coal Valley School District. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay in 2005 where she played Division 1 College Softball. Lynsy went on to get a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2007 and a Master’s Degree in […]

Spencer Kagan

Kagan, Spencer-web

Dr. Spencer Kagan is an internationally acclaimed researcher, presenter, and author. He has published over 20 books which have now sold over 1 million copies. His books are translated into many languages. Dr. Kagan received his doctorate in clinical psychology from UCLA, was a clinical psychologist, and a full professor of psychology and education at […]

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