Tara Brown

Tara’s 25 year journey has taken her from rural Florida, to Gang Territory in North Long Beach, CA, and to one of the largest high schools in Tennessee with students representing over 37 countries.

She is recognized as a specialist in connecting with youth and building relationships with students and staff. Her career has impacted mainstream, at risk teens and nontraditional leaders by empowering them with leadership and life skills and guiding them toward the life they envisioned. She received the Pioneer Award and Teacher of the Year award in 2006 for her work in piloting the Leadership Development program at Antioch High School. Her passion continues to drive her to work with teachers across the nation to better equip them with the ability to connect and have meaningful relationships with their students, in order that more relevant learning can take place. Tara’s workshops are designed to help introduce educators to the latest brain-based learning research and resiliency factors, as well as provide classroom implementation strategies.

Featured Titles

Encouragement Cards: Stylish Script
Encouragement Cards: Rainbow Assortment
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