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Children are faced with more challenges than at any time in history. Mental health has become a leading focus in schools worldwide as depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders continue to rise while the gap in lack of programs and support grows.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has become a trusted approach for educating the whole child, equipping children for success in school and in life. And that’s where the power of story comes in. Stories teach us about life, ourselves, and others in ways facts and figures alone cannot. Lessons learned through story provide a memorable way for students to develop resilience, empathy, and social skills.

At NCYI, we work to create books and resources that help you help kids. From picture books to curriculum, we’re hitting the topics you need most to provide a strong foundation of social emotional learning that can help children overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

We have created Resource Bundles so you can dive deeper into the lessons taught in our books. The Resource Bundles that pair with our picture books contain various activities you can use with children, such as, worksheets, coloring pages, posters, craftivities, and games. The Resource Bundles paired with our non-fiction titles contain various worksheets you can use in your application of the concepts taught in the book. For a list of what is included, see the individual books. 

Marcy's Having All the Feels book cover

Free Worksheet!

Use this with Allison Edwards’ book, Marcy’s Having All the Feels!

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