March 20-21, 2022

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay
100 Heron Blvd, US-50
Cambridge, MD 21613


The Maryland School Counselor Association is soliciting proposals for presentations promoting evidence-based programs in the domains of academic achievement, emotional growth, social development, career exploration, and post secondary planning. Presentations showcase best practices, current research, or skills of value to counselors, pre-K to postsecondary, as well as district personnel, graduate students and counselor educators.

Please note, all presenters must be registered for the conference. Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Sessions must be knowledge, skills, and tool-based. Proposals of a political, marketing or for-profit nature will NOT be accepted.

The conference theme is Be the Difference: School Counselors for Diversity, Equity, and Justice. The MSCA requests proposals align with the conference theme. Please clearly state conference theme alignment in the presentation description and program objectives.


  • Academic Rigor and Achievement
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Social Justice
  • Use of Data
  • Use of Technology

Deadline for Submission: December 15, 2021

Notice regarding proposal acceptance will be sent via e-mail by the middle of January 2022.


Please note, all presenters must be registered for the conference.

  • Conference Rate: 25% discount off of the standard registration rate for the lead presenter and up to 2 co-presenters, if applicable.

If your session is approved, the Lead Presenter, who will the main contact for your session, will be emailed a link to the special Registration Portal for Approved Presenters.


  • HANDOUTS: You will be responsible for preparing and copying handouts for your session(s). Plan to provide TBD handouts. If you feel your session will be popular, please adjust amount as you feel necessary. Closer to the event date we will inform you of how many copies you may need. Every presenter will provide either their handouts, website address where handout materials can be downloaded, or contact information where session attendees can ask for materials by March 1, 2022. An email address will be provided in the presenter acceptance email on where these handouts, link, or contact information can be submitted.
  • HOTEL RESERVATIONS: Presenters must make their own hotel reservations and are responsible for all other travel expenses.
  • CO-PRESENTERS: All communications regarding your breakout session will come to the Lead Presenter directly, and the lead presenter will be responsible for sharing it with a Co-Presenter, if any. Also note the rate structure for Co-Presenters above. If a Co-Presenter is not added at the time of the CFP submission, one cannot be added in the future.
  • WI-FI: The convention center is equipped with Wi-Fi Internet that is complimentary for all attendees. However, we highly recommend designing your session so that you will not need internet access, since it can be slow or unreliable.
  • AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT: All meeting rooms will be arranged theater style. Please note that the Conference will provide a LCD Projector, screen, A/V cart and power supply at no charge to you. However, the Conference will not be able to provide any other A/V equipment. You are responsible for providing your own laptop and dongle/appropriate adapter, if needed for your presentation. If your presentation requires sound for a video or sound effect please make the necessary plan to provide that equipment on your own. If you need additional audio visual equipment, please contact the the audio visual company at the hotel. Any arrangements you make with the audio visual company will be at your own expense.

For more information or questions, please contact Chris Daugherty at


Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay

100 Heron Blvd, US-50
Cambridge, MD 21613