Acting Out Card Deck: Substance Abuse Version

60 Role Play / Discussion Cards


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Acting Out! — Substance Abuse version is a card game that allows middle and high school students to use scene suggestions to role play various situations and/or use discussion questions to explore attitudes, solutions, and ideas about substance abuse.

The oversized cards are divided into two categories – Role Play Cards and Discussion Cards

Topics Include:

  • Attitudes Toward Drugs
  • Facts About Drugs
  • Drug Use, Tolerance, and Addiction
  • What Would You Do If… Crisis Management
  • Why People Start Using Drugs
  • How to Help Others to Stop
  • Effective Programs / Approaches
  • Who Would You Go to for Help If…
  • The “One Time Can’t Hurt You” Myth
  • Negative Consequences of Substance Abuse
  • Other Thought-Provoking Discussions
Created by David Young, Robert Bowman
Grades 6-12
60 Cards
Release Date January 1, 2020

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13 in stock

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