Becoming Unstuck

A Story About Letting Go of Your Worry Bug


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Freddie is excited for everyone to meet his new friend, Betsy the Beetle. Unfortunately, Betsy has a constant companion – Murray, a pesky worry bug. He loves to whisper horrible “what ifs” into Betsy’s ear, making her worry about every little thing. In math class, he whispers, “What if you get called to the board?” and Betsy worries that she won’t know the answer and everyone will laugh at her. And as she flies to music class, Murray says, “What if you forget the notes?”, and Betsy worries that she’ll play the wrong note and ruin the show.

The more Betsy worries, the more she feeds the worry bug, and the bigger Murray gets. Betsy gets so flustered and weighed down by Murray, she repeatedly falls flat on her back – stuck legs up – and has no idea how to get back on her feet. That’s why Betsy’s friends hatch a plan to get rid of Murray once and for all. Will it work? Will Betsy be able to kiss her worry bug goodbye forever?

Written by Kimberly Delude
Illustrated by Brian Martin
Paperback ISBN 9781944882426
Grades K-5
31 pages
Release Date August 20, 2019

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Boys Town Press

Kimberly Delude, MA, CCC-SLP, worked for a national sports team before earning her MA at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s Department of Education. Kimberly has her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association, and works as a Speech Language Pathologist in the public schools.

Kimberly’s entertaining yet effective teaching style is evident in her stories about popular character Freddie the Fly (and his friends), along with the tips and activities available for each of her books. She spends her days giving kids a voice and uses her humorous tales to help children have fun while improving their communication skills.

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