Helping in Hard Places

Trauma Informed School Counseling


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A Counseling Curriculum Featuring Lessons and Activities for Individuals, Groups, and Classrooms

Helping in Hard Places provides school counselors and other mental health professionals with a blueprint for infusing trauma-informed practices into their counseling interventions in a way that supports all children. The nature of trauma-informed practices is that they are needed to support children of trauma, but they are beneficial to everyone, regardless of whether they’ve experienced trauma or not.

Helping in Hard Places focuses on supporting all children by infusing trauma-informed practices into individual counseling sessions, student support groups, and whole class lessons. This book will also incorporate many techniques from the Solution-Focused Brief Counseling (SFBC) Model since it is the best-suited counseling model for the school setting.

Also included is a distance learning piece to each of the three recommendations sections to give counselors tips and resources for how to modify sessions/lessons for the online environment.

Written by Stephanie Lerner
Paperback ISBN 9781598502503
Grades 3-11
128 pages
Release Date July 1, 2020

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Youthlight, Inc.

Stephanie Lerner is a Johns Hopkins University-trained school counselor. She holds a BS in elementary education and an MS in counseling. With more than 20 years in both public and private education, she has Texas certifications in school counseling and bilingual/Spanish education. After traveling the world and teaching ESL/EFL in such far-off places as Mozambique and Bolivia, Stephanie came home to be a bilingual school counselor in Texas. She is also an adjunct instructor of school counseling at Angelo State University. When she’s not writing, presenting, teaching, or counseling, she enjoys the ranch life with her husband and their menagerie of pets.

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