No Putdowns (Grades K-2)

Creating a Healthy Learning Environment through Encouragement, Understanding and Respect


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School staff and students have a right to healthy, “non-toxic” learning environment.

By choosing to use No Putdowns in your school or classroom, you are taking control. No Putdowns teaches youth different ways to respond each step of the way, replacing angry reactions with clear communication, anger management and conflict resoluation skills. With No Putdowns you are creating your own environmental protection agency.

When students have completed the core set of No Putdowns lessons, they will be able to:

  • Recognize and understand the effects of putdowns on themselves and others
  • Recognize that putdowns are used for a variety of reasons
  • Develop strategies to reduce their own use of putdowns
  • Recognize and use alternative communication skills
  • Develop peaceful, nonabusive strategies to deal with putdowns and other conflict situations
  • Demonstrate strategies for calming down
  • List attributes, acheivements, abilities of which they are proud
  • Recognize that they have choices about how to respond in any situation
  • Recognize and express appreciation, encouragement, or compliments
  • Demonstrate increased levels of respect in youth-youth and youth-adult interactions
Written by Jim Wright, Wendy Stein, Stephanie Pelcher
Paperback ISBN 9781931636636
Grades K-2
277 pages
Release Date June 15, 2006

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National Center for Youth Issues

Jim Wright, M.S., C.A.S. is a psychologist with the Syracuse (New York) City School District, trains schools to use effective academic and behavioral interventions to improve student performance.

Wendy Stein, M.A. is an educational writer/curriculum developer, and is also a communications specialist for CONTACT Community Services, Inc.

Stephanie Pelcher, M.S. is a fifth/sixth grade teacher at Frazer K-8 school in Syracuse, New York and a teacher trainer in peer coaching and pre-referral intervention teams.


50 in stock

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