Positive Behavior Principles

Shifting Perspectives and Aligning Practices in Schools


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Looking for Behavior Support?

Although behaviors in the school system have changed a great deal in the past few decades, our strategies for supporting those behaviors have not. When we move beyond punitive practices for dealing with misbehavior, we find strategies that work.

The information in this book is not a program, nor is it a one-size-fits-all set of strategies. It is a framework based on brain research for helping educators analyze their behavioral philosophy and practices.

Positive Behavior Principles outlines nine core principles that can be used to design prevention, intervention and crisis strategies for supporting student behaviors in schools.

Written by Dan St. Romain
Paperback ISBN 9781937870713
Grades K-12
200 pages
Release Date September 10, 2020

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National Center for Youth Issues

Dan St. Romain is a national independent educational consultant who provides staff development and consultative services to educators and parents working with children at all developmental levels. Dan is passionate about helping individuals shift their perspective on discipline, understanding the best ways to provide support given the challenges posed in today’s society.

After receiving his master’s degree in education, Dan worked in both private residential and public school settings, as well as at the Region 20 Education Service Center in San Antonio, Texas. His work as a selfcontained behavior unit teacher, educational diagnostician, behavior consultant, and director of a learning resource center has afforded him experience at all levels, in both general and special education settings. Dan is now enjoying semi-retirement after having worked in the school system for the past 30 years.

Dan’s overwhelming strength is his skill as a presenter. Although his sessions are exceedingly interactive, his greatest asset lies in his ability to offer participants rich insight into the connectedness between educational practices and student behavior. He is the author of Lessons from LaRoux: How Needs Shape Behavior in Developing Brains, Teach Skills and Break Habits: Growth Mindsets for Better Behavior in the Classroom, Positive Behavior Principles: Shifting Perspectives and Aligning Practices in Schools, and several resources for teaching social skills, featuring his chameleon, Juan Pablo.

The Positive Behavior Principles make so much sense. Dan speaks in such a way that leaves you excited, nodding your head “yes” constantly, and wondering why you didn’t figure all of this out yourself. I highly recommend Dan’s work for its relatability, ease of reading, and great sense of humor in the midst of making connections and discoveries.

Malia Huffman

Dan has worked with teachers in my former and current districts over the course of the past five years implementing the Positive Behavior Principles, and our students have derived a great deal of benefit from learning from teachers who build strong relationships with them and who understand the value of teaching skills that help our students make better behavioral choices each day.

Dr. Daniel Loughran
Assistant Superintendent

Adopting these principles shifted my approach to classroom management, and as my perspective changed, so did my outcomes. Rather than expecting compliance with my policies and systems, I began connecting with individual students and strengthening relationships. In the most challenging situations, I no longer expect too much at once. I start with one or two small, concrete target behaviors and build on successes. These principles have given me strategies that have worked and have resulted in transformation in my classroom.

Elizabeth McLeod

As a seasoned educator and now, an instructional coach, I find the strategies and techniques in this body of work to be a significant shift from how we, as veteran teachers, were once taught to address behavioral challenges. Classrooms move from a place of rules and consequences to engaging communities filled with choice and rigorous achievement grounded in meaningful relationships. I have become a huge advocate for the message and meaning behind the Positive Behavior Principles and have watched them transform the way teachers teach and learners learn.

Barbara D’Leise Triplett
Instructional Coach


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