Webinar Training Videos

Practicing school counselor Kim “Tip” Frank discusses the growing prevalence of depression among young people, and how to address it effectively.

Character Education expert Dr. Helen Stiff-Williams discusses various approaches to character education in schools, its link to academic and personal achievement, and arguments advocating character education as a core approach in every school.

Rodger Dinwiddie and Robert Rabon discuss the differences between bullying and normal conflict, myths and fact about bullying, and how to help both the victim and the perpetrator.

Rodger Dinwiddie is a master bullying prevention/intervention trainer and is Executive Director of Nashville-STARS, a direct-service mentorship program helping children and youth overcome a variety of developmental obstacles.

Rodger is a certified national lead trainer for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, a research-based bullying prevention method proven effective in positively influencing school climate and decreasing the incidence of bullying.

Counseling expert Dr. Russell Sabella discusses the opportunities, and threats, presented by today’s technology and how adults can help children stay safe online.

Dr. Carolyn Stone, former president of ASCA, discusses important legal and ethical issues impacting the school counseling profession.

Grief counseling expert Dave Opalewski shares his thoughts on how counselors can help heal individuals, and schools, following a tragic occurrence.

Grief counseling expert Dave Opalewski shares tips on how to identify and respond to the suicide prone adolescent.