Noel Foy is a mom, grandmother, former teacher, and learning specialist who evolved into a neuroeducational consultant, anxiety/executive function coach, and author.

Commonly known as Neuro Noel, she transforms neuroscience findings into practical applications to reduce the impact of stress on learning and appeal to how the brain learns best. Traditional teaching practices often omit this critical focus and fall short of meeting the needs of many students, resulting in gaps in learning and executive function and an increase in behavioral issues or not reaching one’s true potential.

Via workshops, one-on-one coaching, author visits, and speaking engagements, Noel equips schools, families, and professionals with a toolbox of practical language, responses, and applications that lower stress and build underdeveloped skills sets and mindsets needed to maximize success and experience life-changing outcomes.

Additionally, Noel finds storytelling an approachable and playful way to tackle complex topics. Her books encourage productive change and the will to face fears through courage and friendship.

Featured Titles

ABC Worry Free
ABC Worry Free Resource Bundle
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