Building Growth Mindset with P.E.P. Power!

Teaching the New Smart! Positive Thinking, Effort and Perseverance

Includes Digital Resources!

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This book will give you the tools for encouraging students to achieve greater social, emotional and academic success by improving their positive growth mindset and applying its concepts and skills daily. “P.E.P.” is an acronym for Positive Thinking, Effort & Perseverance, three essential elements of a positive growth mindset and provides the fun and creativity of the PEP Chant and various PEP slogans (P.E.P. Power!, P.E.P. Check, P.E.P Talk…) to set the tone for learning, to redirect, to remind, and to encourage students to be using the skills of the Growth Mindset.

The included lessons, activities, and skills can be used with individuals, small groups or classrooms and/or in a P.E.P. Rally for your entire school. Components can also be included in morning announcements, in hall and classroom displays, and as handouts for teachers and parents. Includes digital files of reproducibles and posters in full-color.

Topics include:

  • Brain facts for kids
  • Strengthening neural pathways
  • Exercising and stretching your brain
  • Taking care of your body and brain
  • Positive thinking
  • Effort!
  • Perseverance & the power of “YET!”
Written by Diane Senn
Paperback ISBN 9781598502244
Grades 2-6
200 pages
Release Date April 1, 2018

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