Felix and the Feelings Formulas

A Picture Book About How to Cope and Calm Down When Faced with Big Feelings and Emotions


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What if we could create a formula to help us remember what to do in challenging situations?

Felix takes two things with him wherever he goes: his stuffed rat, Hank, and his notebook of Feelings Formulas.

Hank provides Felix with a friend who’s always there. And the Feelings Formulas notebook helps Felix figure out how to cope with challenges and concerns he experiences on his adventures.

Felix has opportunities everyday to use his formulas, like when he trips on a tree branch on the way to school (formula: Calm Down Cure); realizes he’ll be doing rope climbs in gym class (formula: Courage Creator); and notices kids laughing at him (formula: Self-Esteem Solution).

The Feelings Formulas help Felix solve problems when he’s confused, and calm down when he has big feelings – and he knows they can help you, too!

Written by Kate Bartlein
Illustrated by Anita Barghigiani
Paperback ISBN 9781953945693
Grades 2-5
32 pages
Release Date September 22, 2022

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National Center for Youth Issues

Kate Bartlein has been working with children in schools, clinics, and their homes for over a decade. Kate works with disability and mental health advocacy organizations helping parents navigate the complex special education and children’s mental health systems. She also provides training and support to educators and school staff on topics related to promoting emotional regulation, reducing challenging behavior, and designing neuro-divergent and trauma-responsive IEPs. Kate believes that by using a child’s natural drive for imaginative play, adults can create opportunities to teach children the tools they need to process big emotions, build their self-esteem, and encourage creative problem-solving.

I love the way the author relates coping skills to formulas and that way of putting it will really stick with some kids. Understanding that just like a formula or a math problem, we have to put together our coping skills to solve social-emotional problems. I also love that on the last page, there is a page for a child to make their own Feelings Formula! This is a must-have book for any counselor, teacher, or parent.

Ashley Amely
School Counselor

Felix and the FEELINGS FORMULAS is filled with simple, easy to remember, strategies that kiddos of ALL ages can use to support themselves when they need them. And not only are there tons of strategies and tools that we can add to our toolbox, but there are positive affirmations that we can practice in order to shift our mindset too! Talk about a book that is jam packed with tangible tools and strategies that your kids can use right away. I just know you’ll be reading this one over and over all year long!

Kim Gameroz
Educational Consultant

I absolutely LOVE the formula concept and think that creating our own book of Feelings Formulas would be a super effective (and fun!) activity for classroom lessons, individual, and small group counseling! These step-by-step, simple plans empower students to name their big feelings and take control of managing them.

Laura Oathout
School Counselor

Perfect morning meeting book right here! This book is the best for teaching different feelings and all of the ways we can handle them. Felix is precious and my kids loved this sweet story!

Rachel Stanley


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