Groark DVD: Groark Learns To Control Anger


Groark DVD: Groark Learns To Control Anger

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In episode #1 of this series, Groark becomes so angry at his own
mistakes that he accidentally damages his best friend’s model
airplane. This leads to a heated exchange, and the two nearly come
to blows. When the fight is interrupted by the school bell, Groark
turns to a group of real elementary school children for a lesson in controlling anger. He learns how to tell when his anger is getting out
of control, how that can lead to fighting, and how to calm his anger.
He uses his newfound skill to calm his friend’s anger, and the two
make up.

Audience: Elementary (K-5)
Grade Level: K-5
Format: DVD
Running Time: 26-29 minutes
Publisher: Live Wire Media
Language: English & Spanish
Product Type: Video
Topic: Anger

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