Help-a-Kid Cards

Help-a-Kid Cards


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50 Scenario Cards that Each Present an Upsetting Challenge a Kid is Facing for Students to Brainstorm Helpful Strategies

These cards encourage students to discuss ways they could help other kids their age to resolve various day-to-day challenges. In the process, players learn empathy and become more insightful about common issues young people face, and possible strategies that might be helpful in each. Through discussing about helpful strategies for others, students also gain insights to help themselves.

Help-a-Kid cards also encourage students to become “upstanders” to their peers. All students in the school should learn that they have a personal responsibility to be helpful, not harmful to one another. School climate can be transformed through initiatives that promote kids-helping-kids activities.


  1. Draw and Share
  2. Deal Three
  3. Deal Five
  4. The Most Challenging Issue
  5. The Most Common Issue
Author: Robert Bowman
Illustrator: Poppy Moon
Audience: Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8)
Grade Level: 3-6
Format: Game
Page Number: 50 cards
ISBN: 9781598502446
Publisher: Youthlight
Language: English
Product Type: Game
Topic: Bullying, Social & Life Skills

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