If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Else Are You Going to Live? DVD


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Field Day at James Tovar Middle School is supposed to be fun. However, for Jack, Skye, and Darryl, it turns out to be everything but fun. Skye could not finish the jump rope rally, Jack could barely reach one foot up the rock-climbing wall and Darryl was absolutely no competition for Hogarth in the 100-year dash. Stunned, embarrassed, and a little confused, our three competitors look to Trevor to find out what exactly happened at the field day games.

Written by Trevor Romain
ISBN 9781934365120
Grades 1-6
30 minutes
Release Date April 29, 2008

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Trevor Romain is an award-winning author and illustrator as well as a sought-after motivational speaker. His books have sold more than a million copies and been published in eighteen languages. For more than twenty years, Trevor has traveled the world, speaking to thousands of school-age children. Trevor is well known for his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the United Nations, UNICEF, the USO, and the Comfort Crew for Military Kids, which he co-founded. Stay in touch with Trevor by subscribing to the Trevor Romain Company’s monthly newsletter or by following the Trevor Romain Company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Trevor lives in Austin, Texas.

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