The Inner-Beauty Secret CD

An Animated Storybook and 5 Interactive Lessons for Digital White Boards and Computers


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Shhh… this story is for a group of kids who know the true meaning of being beautiful. Do you want to know the secret?

These highly interactive mini-lessons and animated storybook can be used on any digital white board such as Promethean Boardâ„¢ or SMART Boardâ„¢ or simply on a computer. Kids will love the interactivity, animation, great sound effects and narration of the story. Also included are reproducible worksheets and lesson plans.

These lessons are designed to help children:

  • Learn to look beyond others’ outside appearances and compliment inner-beauty traits instead
  • Learn which qualities are needed (and which are not) in order to display inner-beauty
  • Learn how to use different body parts to demonstrate inner-beauty
  • Learn the importance of showing inner-beauty even when using technology
Written by Keisha Howard
ISBN 9781598501698
Grades PK-5

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Youthlight, Inc.

Lakeiser Lacole Howard aka Keisha was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, mainly in the Berkley/Campostella area, two of the roughest neighborhoods in Norfolk. She has overcome a lot of misfortune in her life and has witnessed or has been a part of a lot of things. She is thirty years old and the mother of three daughters. She is also the wife of Wayne Joshua Charles II and the step-mother of two boys.

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