Lesson Booster DVD Set


Lesson Booster DVD Set

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An 8 DVD Set

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The complete 8 Program Series. Each Lesson Booster video presents real-life scenarios demonstrating the feelings that young students often experience, as well as present ways to cope with and handle these emotions. Students will learn the importance of respect, self-esteem, anger control, and problem-solving within a school setting. These programs are created for both grades K-3 and 4-7 as a supplement to any guidance curriculum. Each program includes a DVD and a CD-ROM with a lesson plan for implementing the content.

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  • Lesson Booster DVD: Angry (B201D-Net)
  • Lesson Booster DVD: Got a Problem (B202D-Net)
  • Lesson Booster DVD: Everybody’s Different (B203D-Net)
  • Lesson Booster DVD: What’s Respect (B204D-Net)
  • Lesson Booster DVD: Internet Bullies (B205D-Net)
  • Lesson Booster DVD: Why Do Bullies Bully (B206D-Net)
  • Lesson Booster DVD: Cliques (B207D-Net)
  • Lesson Booster DVD: Got Empathy (B208D-Net)
Audience: Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8)
Grade Level: K-7
Format: DVD
Publisher: Cerebellum Corporation
Language: English
Product Type: CD, Video
Topic: Anger, Bullying, General Counseling, Social & Life Skills

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