Solution-Focused RTI

Solution-Focused RTI


A Positive and Personalized Approach to Response-to-Intervention

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Solution-Focused RTI provides an effective approach to Response-to-Intervention using a “solution-focused” method, which emphasizes a student’s strengths rather than his or her weaknesses. This important book guides educators to identify exceptions to students’ learning problems and design personalized interventions that can help those students succeed. In this book Linda Metcalf provides teachers with the basic building blocks of the solution-focused approach and offers step-by-step guidelines for identifying exceptions, designing interventions, and implementing a three-tiered Response-to-Intervention process.

  • Shows how to implement RTI using the positive and personalized “solution-focused” method
  • Linda Metcalf is the author of seven books, including Counseling Toward Solutions, Second Edition
  • Offers an innovative, collaborative approach between teachers, students, and parents
  • Includes reproducible forms for teachers and students

This practical book helps teachers pinpoint research-based intervention strategies that work.

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Table of Contents

Author: Linda Metcalf
Audience: Middle (6-8)
Grade Level: 6-8
Format: Paperback
Page Number: 224
ISBN: 9780470470428
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Release Date: June 8, 2010
Language: English
Product Type: Manual
Topic: General Counseling