Counselor Resources You Need for 2024

Plus Free Resources for School Counselors, Therapists, and Mental Health Professionals

School Counselor Resources You Need - Plus Free Resources for Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

Whether you are a counselor,  therapist, or mental health professional, you have a lot on your plate. In your school or private practice, you encounter children who are dealing with big emotions and need the essential tools and resources to cope with the hardships of everyday life. Your day is full, and you need school counseling and therapy resources to make your job easier – preferably free resources and worksheets!

No need to go scour websites to find resources! We have a list of our favorite resources and tools that will help you with the children, adults, and families you see each day.


Resources for Your School Counseling or Therapy Office

It is important to start by creating a welcoming environment that makes the child feel safe and relaxed. Having a comfortable seating area that includes a comfy chair, blankets, and pillows puts a child at ease. Similarly, adjustable lighting allows a visual way to tone down distractions and sensory overload. You can also hang posters on your wall with positive affirmations and useful skills that kids can use to help calm down. There are many resources and tools you can add to your counseling or therapy office to set the mood for the safe relationship you hope to establish with your student or client.


Growth Mindset Reminders Poster

Share this positive reminder with others! “Growth Mindset Reminders: I don’t know how to…YET. I’m not good at this…YET. I don’t understand it…YET. I can’t do it…YET. It doesn’t make sense…YET.” This downloadable poster comes as a PDF and JPG. Also available on TPT.


I Belong Here Poster

Encourage others with inspirational poster! “I am kind. I am brave. I am smart. I am confident. I am capable. I am unique. I am loved. I am enough. I am worth. I BELONG HERE.” This downloadable poster comes as a PDF and JPG. Also available on TPT.


Fluorescent Light Filters

Create a softer, more soothing environment by decreasing glare and flickering from overhead fluorescent lights. You can easily install these panels over standard ceiling fluorescent light fixtures with sturdy, sewn-in magnets. Available on Amazon.


Textured Pillow Case Covers

Made with thick, durable, polyester chenille these pillow case covers give little hands give a variety of textures to touch while providing the comfort of a soft pillow. The cover is machine washable and comes in a variety of colors. Available on Amazon.


Check out more Posters here.


Practical, Quick, and Engaging Books for YOU (School Counselors and Mental Health Providers)

Books are a valuable resource for school counselors and mental health professionals. They are often full of the latest statistics and research-backed strategies that you can use immediately with your students and clients. With your busy schedule, you need books that are a quick read and brimming with practical exercises. Bonus if they have free worksheets, downloadable resources, or free therapy resources! These are some of our favorites that have all of the above!


15-Minute Focus: Behavior Interventions by Amie Dean

This book gives techniques and tips to teach kids how to communicate and make decisions to get their needs met in helpful ways by using coaching and behavior instruction. Readers will also be given de-escalation techniques and strategies to rethink responses to behavior. Includes downloadable resources and worksheets. Also available on Amazon.


15-Minute Focus: Behavior Interventions Workbook by Amie Dean

This practical workbook helps you plan your first weeks of the school year, while giving tips to support your community all year. It is full of activities and customizable worksheets. This workbook will aid in the development of life skills, conflict resolution, and self-regulation skills. Also available on Amazon.


15-Minute Focus: Regulation and Co-Regulation by Ginger Healy

A great resource for courselor, educators, and parents! Packed with clear definitions, facts, stories, and talking points, this book is rooted in the understanding that relationships are the priority – it only takes one committed grown up to help a kid heal and build grit through co-regulation. Includes downloadable resources and worksheets. Also available on Amazon.


Flooded by Allison Edwards

When your brain thinks there is danger nearby, you will go instantly into one of three zones – fight, flight, or freeze. You’re in The Flood Zone. This book explains how to identify feelings, learn what triggers those emotions, and provides practical tips to manage feelings in a healthy way. Includes downloadable resources and worksheets. Also available on Amazon.


You Can Get in the Way by John W. Hodge

By using stories, strategies, and research, this book will show how kids can be successful despite the risk factors that typically hold them back. You will gain understanding of how the resilience phenomenon works and gain insight into ways you can foster grit in children. Includes downloadable resources. Also available on Amazon.


Stress and Burnout in Education by Melisa Marsh

Are you looking for proven stress management strategies to assist you and your students? This workbook is full of interactive activities, practical tools, and life-changing practices that will help your students, coworkers, and yourself reduce stress and manage energy in all areas of your lives. Includes downloadable resources and worksheets.  Also available on Amazon.


Check out more books for YOU here.


Picture Book Read Alouds about Mental Health and Life Skills for THEM

Books can be used to educate students and clients about life skills and mental health. They can also provide support to students who are struggling with a variety of social-emotional learning (SEL) issues, such as bullying, grief, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, books can inspire students to reach their full potential by introducing them to new ideas and possibilities through characters who are learning the same thing.


A Flicker of Hope by Julia Cook

Darkness is all Little Candle can see, until someone else notices she needs a boost of hope. Her dim light begins to shine brighter as she remembers she has her own unique gifts and purpose and that everyone has dark clouds from time to time. This encouraging story shows the variety of ways to ask for help, and how to be a hope builder for others, too. Also available on Amazon.


Bully B.E.A.N.S. by Julia Cook

Maxine liked to pick on kids…especially Winston. No one was okay with the way she acted, but they were too scared to do anything. Bully B.E.A.N.S. guides kids in understanding how to identify bullying and provides impactful and clear tips for both bystandeers and targets. Also available on Amazon.


Grief is Like a Snowflake by Julia Cook

Grief looks different for everyone. With his supportive family, Little Tree learns to process and accept his father’s death by learning what is really important in life, and that his father’s memory will last forever. This picture book provides a safe and encouraging approach to the hard subjects of loss and death. Also available on Amazon.


Hello, Anger by Jessica Sinarski

There is a lot that is carried in the backpacks of the kids at Sunnyvale Elementary – including things you can’t see, like confusing emotions and big feelings. One day a hot book keeps falling outday and exploding onto everyone: ANGER! It’s time for the students to figure out what is going on underneath those angry feelings. Also available on Amazon.


The “D” Word (Divorce) by Julia Cook

Otis’s perfect family changes as soon as his parents say they are getting divorced. At first he blames himself. With the help of his Gram, Otis learns about the Three C’s of divorce: I didn’t CAUSE it, I can’t CONTROL it, so I’m going to have to learn to COPE with it! Also available on Amazon.


The Anti-Test Anxiety Society by Julia Cook

To Bertha, the word ‘test’ stands for Terrible Every Single Time! Her teacher explains the Dynamic Dozen (12 amazing test-taking strategies), and how to use her “GET TO” brain instead of her “HAVE TO” brain. Now “Terrible” is “Terriffic!” Also available on Amazon.


Wilma Jean, the Worry Machine by Julia Cook

“My stomach feels like it’s tied up in a knot. My knees lock up, and my face feels hot. You know what I mean? I’m Wilma Jean, The Worry Machine.” This hilarious book discusses the problem of worryin a way that relates to kids of all ages. The purpose of the book is to give children the strategies needed to feel manage their anxiety. This colorful book has helpful tips for young children in particular. Also available on Amazon.


Check out more books for your students / clients here.


Fidgets and Toys for Play Therapy

School Counselors and Mental Health Professionals need a variety of tools when children come into their office for therapy. Sometimes they need a fidget toy that will help them get their stress and anxiety out, so they can focus. Other times, your clients might not be able to settle down enough to complete worksheets or do mindfulness exercises. They may need a toy that is created to engage in conversation while they play.  Here are some of our favorite fidgets and toys.


Fidget Popper

This fidget toy is perfect for classrooms, a therapists office, and the home. It is a sensory bubble popper fidget toy used for stress relief, anxiety relief, autism, ADD, ADHD, and is for both children and grown ups.


Kimochis Cat

Kimochi plush characters help children understand and manage their emotions. Cat knows what she wants and when she wants it. She likes to be charge, but can be bossy sometimes. Cat helps kids learn how to apologize and forgive, make safe, wise, kind choices, and manage cranky feelings.


Arggh! Mini Stress Balls

These three colorful stress ball help kids relax and be calm. They are perfect for stress and anxiety relief and are a fun sensory toy for kids with Autism, ADD, or ADHD. Each is filled with nontoxic gel and measures 2.5 inches in diameter; recommended for ages eight and up.


Anger Management Thumball

Thumballs are soft stuffed balls that you can toss, roll, or pass. Once you catch it, look under your thumb and respond to the prompt. The Anger Management Thumball prompts discussion of triggers to anger, frustration levels, ways to unstress, and the need for self-control.


Check out more Fidgets, Thumballs, and Toys here.


Group Activities and Therapy Worksheets for Your School or Mental Health Practice

We all know that to reinforce something heard we have to put action with it. So, by having counseling resources and therapy tools like activities, worksheets, exercises, and handouts, your students’ or patients’ comprehension of the tools you are teaching them will increase. Plus, engaging games and crafts are great to use with groups. They build communication skills and help kids see that they are not alone in their problems.


15-Minute Counseling Techniques that Work by Allison Edwards

A MUST-HAVE THERAPY TOOL! The counselor is not the strategy. The counselor teaches strategies. This quick read is full of tools to use in group or individual counseling sessions. The techniques shared will help kids feel empowered to handle everyday challenges and able to deal with their feelings and stress. Also available on Amazon.


Bully B.E.A.N.S. Activity Book by Julia Cook

This activity book is the perfect companion to Julia Cook’s Bully B.E.A.N.S. picture book! This book provides activities and tools that explore the dynamics of bullying and teach them how to prevent it from happening. Discussion includes identifying the bully, the person bullied, and the bystander(s). Also available on Amazon.


My Mouth is a Volcano Activity Book by Julia Cook

This activity book is the perfect companion to Julia Cook’s My Mouth Is A Volcano picture book! This book gives activities, tools, and discussion prompts that teach kids the importance of listening to others, waiting to speak till it is their turn, and respect. Also available on Amazon.


I Have Ants in My Pants Resource Bundle

This downloadable resource bundle PDF pairs perfectly with Julia Cook’s I Have Ants in My Pants picture book! It includes numerous worksheets, handouts, activities, crafts, such as Wiggle Breaks for Children, How Big is Your Personal Space Bubble?, and DIY Balloon Fidget Tools for Kids. Also available on TPT.


How to Crack Your Peanut Resource Bundle

This downloadable resource bundle PDF pairs perfectly with Allison Edward’s How to Crack Your Peanut picture book! It includes numerous worksheets, handouts, activities, crafts, such as The Flood Zone Coloring Worksheet, Be the Captain of Your Red Army, and a Stress Ball Squeeze Craftivity. Also available on TPT.


Check out more Resource Bundles and Activity Books here.



Free Counselor Resources for School Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, and Therapists

Who doesn’t love free resources for your school counseling program or mental health practice? Click below to get free worksheets you can use with your students / patients.


  • Draw Your Feelings Worksheet
    Taken from Marcy’s Having All the Feels, children get to explore what their emotions look like them, fostering discussion about the vital role our feelings have in our lives.
  • A Flicker of Hope Lesson Plans
    These comprehensive lesson plans will help children identify the challenges, struggles, and negative thoughts they are feeling. They learn to put those challenges and struggles into perspective and focus on the positive, while also practicing being hope builders by asking for help from a friend and offering help to a friend.
  • Our Classroom Dreams Big template
    Take from 15-Minute Focus: Behavior Interventions Workbook, this free worksheet helps school counselors and educators cast a classroom vision for the school year.



If you are interested in more super helpful therapy resources, handouts, forms, exercises, assessments, ideas, and tools you can use with counseling your students or therapy patients, fill out the form below to get the resources of your choosing. You will also be added to our semi-monthly eNewsletter that features free essential tools and other resources for counselors and mental health professionals. We are always adding more counseling resources and therapy tools, so check back often!



Whether you are a school counselor meeting with a student dealing with anxiety or depression, or a therapist counseling a patient managing an addiction or disorder in your private practice, or a mental health professional holding a meeting about the priority of mental health for your community, you are doing important work! We hope that these school counseling and therapy resources will help you as you build relationships with your students and clients and give them the essential tools for coping with their big emotions.

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