Regulation and Co-Regulation

Accessible Neuroscience and Connection Strategies that Bring Calm into the Classroom

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Brief Counseling Techniques That Work

What are the keys to bringing emotional stability to your classroom through balanced regulation and co-regulation?

We’ve all seen or experienced them: chaotic moments when emotional equilibrium gives way to outbursts of anger, arguments, tears, and turmoil. The results of such dysregulation are rarely positive, and entire class periods or even whole days can be lost in the fallout.

Packed with clear definitions, facts and statistics, heartfelt stories, and applicable discussion points, 15-Minute Focus: Regulation and Co-Regulation is rooted in the principle that relationships come first – it only takes one safe, committed adult to help a child heal and build resilience through co-regulation.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • the vital link between student stress and academic performance
  • how to recognize the often-subtle signs of dysregulation
  • the danger of mistaking calm and quiet for healthy regulation
  • an emphasis on diversity and inclusion of neurodivergent students
  • sound ways to adapt regulation principles to each child’s unique makeup
  • the importance of engaging parents, families, and communities
  • …and more!

Tackling this critical aspect of learning head-on, Regulation and Co-Regulation holds out unapologetic hope for healing. As you absorb and apply the wisdom within these pages, get ready: a domino effect will begin when you embrace a new lens of thinking and responding. Everyone in your life – including you – will benefit from the tools you employ to make co-regulation a consistent reality for your students.

Written by Ginger Healy
Paperback ISBN 9781953945792
eBook ISBN 9781953945808
Grades K-12
112 pages
Release Date May 4, 2023

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National Center for Youth Issues

Ginger Healy MSW, LCSW is a clinical social worker with almost 30 years of experience in the field of social work. Ginger has worked as a child abuse investigator, hospital social worker, and school therapist. She spent 15 years as the social service supervisor at an international adoption agency and was able to travel to provide support for orphanages all over the world. This job taught her so much about attachment and trauma needs in children. She currently works as the program director for the Attachment and Trauma Network where she co-anchors the podcast “Regulated & Relational” and speaks across the nation on trauma-informed schools, therapeutic parenting, and community engagement. She is married with four children who have been her greatest teachers about developmental trauma and special needs. She loves to travel and read.

Ginger Healy has a way of sharing the most valuable information in a supremely approachable manner. Reading this book feels like sitting with a wise, good friend. Readers will want their highlighter in hand, post-it tabs at the ready as they dive into this strategy-rich text. The author sources a wide variety of practitioners in the field of trauma, bringing methodologies that can be applied by individual educators and whole schools alike.

Dyane Carrere
Trauma-Informed School Practices Author & Educational Consultant

Ginger Healy’s book is a must read for all humans who work with humans or plan to work with humans. She made neuroscience accessible and shared strategies can be immediately implemented.

Meagan Baldwin

My copy has arrived and I am already digging in, highlighting, and loving it. Ginger Healy, thank you for all you put into getting this resource in our hands. It is SO relevant & needed (not that it ever wasn’t). I know how much dedication and love you put into this resource.

Jodi Place

Ginger has created a quick and easy read that is PACKED with actionable strategies and encouraging words. Reading this book is like sitting down with a wise friend and coach – you feel supported and seen but also energized to keep growing and improving your skills.

And while the strategies discussed are firmly rooted in neuroscience and research on the nervous system, Ginger provides just enough scientific detail for the reader to understand why a strategy makes sense but avoids going too deep into these concepts and potentially losing readers in the details. The format and straightforward writing make this accessible for many types of readers (teachers, parents, and really anyone who regularly interacts with kids). I can’t recommend this powerful book highly enough!

Kimberly Smathers


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