Battling the Blues

The Handbook for Helping Children and Teens with Depression

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Real depression is not a mood that one can just snap out of.

It is a serious mental health problem that affects one in thirty-three children and one in eight adolescents. Battling the Blues explains in understandable terms what depression is and provides practical coping strategies so that children and teens can gain a greater sense of control in their lives. The good news is that depression is a treatable condition with proper medical and psychological interventions. The ideas in this book represent helpful tools that adults and children can readily employ in the treatment process.

This book is divided into two sections:


Primarily written for concerned adults, this section is for parents and professional helpers who are trying to encourage and help children through the cloud of depression. Specific tips are provided in this first section that help adults set a healing environment for kids and teens. In addition, a deeper understanding of depression is developed along with resources that can be accessed to overcome depression.


Although mainly for kids and teens, parents and helping professionals can discuss and encourage the use of the strategies provided in this section. The strategies are mainly geared for grades three through eight. They can be easily adapted, however, for younger or older children. The strategies are kid friendly and perhaps a bit off the beaten path, but they have proven to be successful. With regular practice, these strategies and techniques can become automatic and effective. As a backdrop to these coping strategies, a clear explanation is given about depression and how it affects young people. Armed with a good understanding of depression, along with practical coping strategies, one’s life can and will improve.

Written by Kim “Tip” Frank
Paperback ISBN 9781931636445
Grades 3-8
93 pages
Release Date May 25, 2007

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National Center for Youth Issues

Kim “Tip” Frank, longtime school counselor and therapist, has had the privilege of helping thousands of students, formerly as a teacher, and more recently, as a counselor/therapist. Tip worked in the public school setting for over 20 years and now maintains a thriving, private counseling practice. He has authored and coauthored numerous books on topics including ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, social skills, grief, technology and gaming addictions, divorce and separation, and presents nationally on these topics.

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