Safe Travels Through the Divide

A Journey Toward Healing When Parents Separate or Divorce

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An unwanted journey begins.

When going on a long journey, important items are packed and taken along for the trip. Similarly, separation and divorce is often a long and ever changing journey for children.

Safe Travels Through the Divide will give you the tools and understanding needed to help make this trip as safe and comfortable as possible for children while minimizing lasting effects. By means of a comprehensive pathway system, it will help your child adjust to their new lifestyle as soon as possible. The situation is hard enough, the last thing a parent wants is for their child to feel miserable or to get hurt on this unpleasant journey.

Section One: Mainly for Adults

  1. Necessities for the Trip – The Twelve Items Needed for Children of Divorce or Separation (CODS) Before Leaving Home
  2. Communication on the Journey – What I Need from My Mom and Dad—A Child’s List of Wants
  3. The Traveler’s Rights on the Journey – The Children of Divorce or Separation (CODS) Bill of Rights
  4. Safety Measures for Smooth Travel – Positive Parent Attitudes and Behaviors that Promote Healing
  5. Detours to Avoid – Negative Parent Attitudes and Harmful Behaviors
  6. Path Closed—Danger Ahead! – Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
  7. Lodging on the Journey – Sensible Visitation Schedules
  8. Good Grief on the Journey to Recovery

Section Two: Mainly for Kids and Teens

  1. General Advice for the Journey
  2. The Traveler’s Rights on the Journey Through Your Parents’ Divorce or Separation – The Children of Divorce or Separation (CODS) Bill of Rights
  3. Rocky Trails and Problems Kids and Teens Face After Their Parents Separate or Divorce
  4. FADE – Make a Personal Plan to Help Problems Fade
Written by Kim “Tip” Frank
Paperback ISBN 9781931636568
Grades 3-8
100 pages
Release Date June 15, 2010

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National Center for Youth Issues

Kim “Tip” Frank, longtime school counselor and therapist, has had the privilege of helping thousands of students, formerly as a teacher, and more recently, as a counselor/therapist. Tip worked in the public school setting for over 20 years and now maintains a thriving, private counseling practice. He has authored and coauthored numerous books on topics including ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, social skills, grief, technology and gaming addictions, divorce and separation, and presents nationally on these topics.


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