Light Up the Learning Brain

7 Keys to Reducing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom - Coming Fall 2023!


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Are you eager to increase learning opportunities, reduce negative behaviors, and improve staff and student morale?

Then it’s time to become a brain builder!

We all are aware of an alarming increase in reported behavioral disruptions in school settings. Often less understood is the critical role that the brain plays in shaping all behavior, including problematic words and actions in our classrooms and beyond.

Light Up the Learning Brain illuminates the many ways that teaching through a brain-based lens can breathe new life into your work.

You will discover:

  • how the brain’s two main “operating systems” interact – and often compete
  • the amygdala’s vital role as an alarm system and gatekeeper
  • ways that brain function is closely connected to our senses
  • the power of play, curiosity, and safety in fostering brain development
  • scripts, tips, and tools to make your job easier
  • …and much more.

Blending the latest neuroscience with practical application, this book will be your guide to wake up the creative, curious, problem-solving “upstairs” brain of staff and students.

Brains are diverse and distinctive, and so are the solutions presented in this accessible and insightful resource. Facts and insights are balanced with hands-on ideas that can be implemented immediately.

As educators, we have a timely opportunity to empower our students to build their own big, brave, beautiful, world-changing brains – and isn’t that, after all, why we chose this profession in the first place?

Written by Jessica Sinarski
Paperback ISBN 9781931636520
eBook ISBN 9781931636537
Grades K-12
80 pages
Release Date November 15, 2023

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Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH equips parents and professionals to be healers for hurting children. Weaving user-friendly brain science into everything she does, Jessica ignites both passion and know-how in audiences. Extensive post-graduate training and 15+ years as a clinician, consultant, and parent educator led her to create BraveBrains, a resource and training platform for home, school, and community.

Jessica partners with school districts and child welfare agencies across the country to better incorporate effective trauma-sensitive practices into their work. She also shares her expertise as a contributor to magazines, blogs, and podcasts. When not writing and training, she continues to work as a bilingual therapist and clinical supervisor at an innovative adoption support agency. Jessica lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and three busy boys.

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