SMART Guidance CD: Mind Your Mindset

SMART Guidance CD: Mind Your Mindset


Teaching a Positive, Can-Do Mindset

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10 interactive, animated lessons ideal for classroom guidance, a small group or even individual counseling.

These lessons can be used on any digital white board such as SMART Boards or Promethean Boards or they can be projected onto a screen and controlled by your computer/laptop or solely on your computer/laptop.

Each lesson includes a lesson plan guide in pdf format that you can print from the CD as well as optional printable worksheets.

The lesson plan guide describes in detail what happens in each frame of the interactive lesson and offers step-by-step direction to teach the lesson. (Windows and MAC compatible)

Lesson One: An Introduction to Mindset
Introduce your students to the concept of MINDSET as well as the two basic kinds of mindsets in this fast-paced, highly interactive lesson. Games, sound effects, and animated sequences will motivate and engage your students as they begin to understand the importance of having a positive, can do mindset!

Lesson Two: Where Do Mindsets Come From?
Students learn that mindsets are built slowly, over time, from the beliefs we have about ourselves, others, the world around us, and what we are able to do. Fun games and fast-paced activities will capture your students’ imagination as they continue their exploration of MINDSET.

Lesson Three: Developing a Positive, Can Do Mindset
Interactive and animated games are used to help your students learn specific strategies for developing their positive, can do mindset. Students learn to refocus their thoughts to be more positive and to remove the negative, can’t do thoughts that can lead to a negative, can’t do mindset.

Lesson Four: Developing the Mindset of a Successful Learner
The MINDSET concept is connected to academic success in this engaging lesson that introduces students to the importance of effort, practice, and goal setting. Entertaining games and interactive sequences teach students to pay attention to the kinds of thoughts and beliefs they have about academic success.

Lesson Five: Perfecting Your Goal Setting Mindset
This action-packed lesson helps students learn to set and achieve SMART goals by breaking them down into manageable steps. Fun animated sequences help students distinguish between short-term and long-term goals as they learn to develop goals they really can accomplish through effort and practice!

Lesson Six: The Role of Effort and Practice
Fun and challenging games help students see the importance of effort and practice as they work toward accomplishing goals and strengthening their positive, can do mindset. Students learn to create a weekly effort/practice schedule and solve a “secret code” in this highly interactive lesson!

Lesson Seven: The Thoughts We Think, The Words We Say
Puzzles, games, and interactive sequences introduce students to the reality that our own words and thoughts can weaken our positive, can do mindset! Students will even have an opportunity to ZAP negative thoughts using a laser blaster in this memorable MINDSET lesson.

Lesson Eight: Your Mindset and Bullying
This fun-filled lesson will hold your students’ imagination and interest as they learn how the power of a positive, can do mindset can help them when faced with physical, emotional, social, or cyber bullying. Question-and-answer activities, along with interactive sequences, will empower your students to become upstanders with the power of MINDSET.

Lesson Nine: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: How Your Mindset Can Help!
Children, like adults, are faced with countless decisions and choices each day. Interactive games and animated sequences will teach your students how to use the power of MINDSET as they think through the many decisions and choices they make each day.

Lesson Ten: Conflicts and Problems – Use Your Mindset!
Conflict is a normal, healthy part of everyday life for all of us. This final action-packed, interactive lesson will engage your students as they learn how the power of MINDSET can help them solve conflicts in positive, appropriate ways!

Author: Will Moody
Audience: Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8)
Grade Level: K-6
Format: CD
ISBN: 9781598502182
Publisher: Youthlight
Release Date: January 1, 2017
Language: English
Product Type: CD, Whiteboard Compatible
Topic: Mindfulness & Brain-Based

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