Thumball: Inner-Beauty

Thumball: Inner-Beauty


4″ Thumball

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Thumball is a soft stuffed ball to throw, roll, or pass in a circle or randomly. Catch it! Look under your thumb. Respond to the prompt. Kids absolutely love this interactive tool that will get them talking and sharing. Without even knowing it, you will be encouraging the use of interpersonal skills including taking turns, eye contact, listening, responding, valuing similarities and respecting individual differences. There are 32 panels for each 4-6″ stuffed poly-cotton ball.


Players are encouraged to discuss the meaning and importance of recognizing inner-beauty in oneself and others. Topics include inner vs. outer beauty, personal strengths, encouraging self and others, media influence, and more. This fun way to talk about inner-beauty helps students share their own personal responses and learn to listen and respect the responses of their peers.
Audience: Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12)
Grade Level: 2-12
Age Range: 3 and Up
Format: Thumball
ISBN: 893012001895
Publisher: Youthlight
Language: English
Product Type: Thumball
Topic: Character, General Counseling

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